Child Support

Millions of parents across the country seek judicial intervention in child support cases every single year. Because of this, courts generally adhere to an objective process when determining the proper child support amount. Whether you are a single parent seeking child support or a non-custodial parent with questions about your current support order, The Law Office of Lenore Tsakanikas can help to ensure that your children will receive the necessary financial support that is appropriate with your income level as well as ex-partner’s earnings.

Calculation of Child Support

The calculation of child support is generally dependent upon a number of financial factors pertaining to both parties. Because of this, Lenore Tsakanikas will help you compile your financial information as well as ascertain the other parent’s current situation in order to make certain that your support obligation is fair in light of both party’s monthly income and lifestyle. Factors commonly considered by family court judges include:

  • Number of children involved in the action
  • Monthly employment income (minus alimony or other child support obligations)
  • Each parent’s contribution to extra-curricular expenses
  • Number of dependents of either party not involved in the action
  • Additional medical expenses for the child
  • Childcare expenses deducted from your paycheck (e.g., health insurance)
  • Costs of daycare or private school tuition

Modifying a Current Child Support Order

If you already have a child support order in place, you may be in need of a modification of the monthly obligation to fit any changes to the factors that have been mentioned above. Generally, a court may modify a child support order if it discovers that the financial status of either party has substantially changed and the current support obligation is no longer fair. For example, if the parent paying support suddenly becomes disabled and is no longer capable of working, the court will likely consider reducing his support obligation to meet his current income level. Alternately, if either parent experiences a sudden increase in monthly income, the court may decide to adjust the monthly support amount accordingly. If you are in a situation where you require a modification to your current child support order, then Lenore Tsakanikas will help your compile the requisite financial documentation and present your case presentation to the judge in the proceeding.

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