COVID-19 Office Protocols

Law Office of Lenore Tsakanikas, PLLC has established the following protocols and procedures
for the safety and comfort of our staff and visitors:

  1. Common areas are sanitized prior to and after visitors enter and leave the office space.
  2. Visitors and Staff must wear a face mask and sanitize hands prior to interacting within
    the office space.
  3. Everyone in the office will wear a face mask at all times when meeting with anyone.
    Law Office of Lenore Tsakanikas, PLLC has masks on hand, but recommend that you
    wear your own.
  4. Social distancing is practiced.
  5. The office policy is to conduct appointments telephonically or via Zoom. We avoid
    having more than one visitor in the office at a time.
  6. Where possible, documents will be processed electronically.
  7. We request notification of any suspected COVID-19 exposure or symptoms (fever,
    tiredness, dry cough) prior to any in-person appointment.
    We thank you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation!
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