In Pima County, Arizona, approximately 70 % of all family law matters are filed pro per (without legal representation from a Tucson attorney). There are also a divorce/paternity/custody packets, document preparers, clinics, and numerous other resources that create an impression that anyone who can fill out the forms (which really, in itself, is not so easy to do) can represent themselves in a divorce. It is not clear what percentage of the 70% feel that they successfully handled their family law matter, although my guess is that this is a much small percentage. The Pima County Superior Court Web Site contains the following warning: “[i]f there is uncertainty regarding a procedure, seek the advice of an attorney. There are serious consequences for people representing themselves and doing so improperly.” Consequences range from change in custody to waste of community assets. A Tucson attorney plays a critical role in your family law matter and you need an experienced Tucson family law attorney in order to effectively handle your case.

When you hire a licensed Tucson family law attorney, you are paying for the experience, analytical skills, and relationships that are developed through a busy family law practice. Familiarity of the law; knowledge of procedure, and experience with your judge do not come in form packets. It is also important that you match your Tucson attorney with your needs. With that said, here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure that you select the right Tucson attorney for you:

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Selecting A Tucson Attorney

Does my personality fit with this Tucson attorney?

Example: If you are a risk taker, you want an attorney who will litigate all issues. If you are adverse to risk, you wantan attorney who will be more solution oriented.

What are my priorities/objectives?

Example: If relocation is primary concern, you want an attorney who is focused on custody and parenting time; if asset protection is your primary concern, you want an attorney who is focused on finances.

Do I trust and respect this law firm and staff?

Example: Family law is sometimes counter intuitive the rule of law does not always follow common sense. You will likely be given advise you do not want to hear. You need to a select an attorney you will listen to and trust, even if the message is not something you want to hear.

Do I require special skills or services?

Example: If you need off hours for appointments, select an attorney who has flexible hours.

When you retain an attorney, you should feel like a huge burden has been lifted and that some of your worries have been eliminated. That is really the best test measure of whether or not you have selected the right attorney for you.

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