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  Welcome to our website! The reason we put this website together was because we were getting lots of questions from our clients and potential clients. Our information is both practical and substantive and we wanted to let you get to know who we are as a team and alsoRead More …


Tucson Courts: Dress To Impress The Judge, Not Your Ex

Before you enter any of the Tucson courts, it’s imperative that you take your appearance into consideration and make a note of how you will conduct yourself in the Tucson courts. An easily avoidable, albeit common mistake that parties often make in their first Tucson court appearance is that theyRead More …

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Know Your Way Around A Tucson Courthouse

In Pima County, all Family Law matters brought under Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 25 (which includes: marriage; property and contract rights of husband and wife; child custody and visitation; child support; maternity and paternity proceedings; interstate custody issues) are determined in the Tucson courthouse “Pima County Superior Court.” This TucsonRead More …

Lenore Tsakanikas: Family Law Attorney

The Role Of A Tucson Attorney

In Pima County, Arizona, approximately 70 % of all family law matters are filed pro per (without legal representation from a Tucson attorney). There are also a divorce/paternity/custody packets, document preparers, clinics, and numerous other resources that create an impression that anyone who can fill out the forms (which really,Read More …

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